Face Mask FAQs

We hope you find this guide of Face Mask frequently asked questions helpful. Please get in touch if you have any other question that isn't answered here. You can contact us here or via the Quick Quote button above.

Will a Face Mask protect me from Covid-19?

Wearing a Face Mask has been scientifically proven to help reduce the spread of Covid-19.

How do Face Masks help reduce the spread of Covid-19?

Face Masks act as a barrier between you and those around you. This barrier helps to prevent potentially harmful virus droplets reaching people within your vicinity when you're talking or coughing. A well-made Face Mask should feature more than one layer of protective material such as our Sky and Ultra models. More basic face coverings may feature fewer layers but may still help you to comply with local guidance on wearing face coverings.

When should I wear a Face Mask?

Each country has slightly different laws and regulations around the wearing of Face Masks. But in most cases around the world it's advised to wear a Face Mask in public situations such as public transport, shopping centres or general areas where there are people around.

How do I put on a Face Mask?

This may sound simple enough, but there are steps you should take to ensure you're putting on your Face Mask in the correct manner. 
To begin with you should wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds. Once your hands are dry you should put the face covering on first and then secure the ear straps behind your ears, ensuring you have a comfortable and secure fit around your nose and mouth. 

Can I wash and reuse my Face Mask?

Our range of Face Masks can be washed in temperatures up to 60°C/140°F and reused again once dry. However, some other brands or types of Face Mask cannot be washed and reused so it's advisable to check with the supplier.  

What type of Face Mask should I use?

A cloth Face Mask is often the most convenient option, ideally one which features more than one layer of material such as our Sky and Ultra models. Each additional layer is an added barrier of protection for you and those around you.